Saturday, 31 January 2009

Annoying things people say because they can't be arsed to speak properly

Is it just me or do you get eternally pissed off when people cannot be bothered to speak properly. I am specifically referring to their mis choice of words. I have a friend who says to me regularly 'Will you borrow me that dress?' or 'Can you learn me how to do that?'
It drives me up the wall and no matter how many times I try to correct her she still does it.
Another friend of mine cannot pronounce 'fifth'. He refers to his birthday being on the Fift of March. The 'th' just escapes him. Aaargh. And before you start thinking that I am intolerant of people with speech problems, the said friend can pronounce 'th' in other words so it is pure laziness.
I have put together six of my all time pet language peeves that really bug me. I know I should just let it go but I can't. I really get wound up when I hear someone substitute the word specific for pacific. Oh Pur-lease.... Click and enjoy my lovelies! and please add your own if there are any that annoy you - it would be nice to know I am not the only one ready to explode!

1 comment:

  1. Ha! And how about people who say "lie-berry" instead of "library"? I tend to make an immediate judgment about their IQs!


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