Monday, 12 January 2009

Confessions from the bottom of a handbag

Just what the hell do us women keep in our handbags? Fancy a bit of handbag snap? The chances are that very few of us have the same items because the inside of our bags is a shrine to our personality and the potential weaknesses and habits that lay within! The contents of our bags change over time and like us they 'grow up'!
Once upon a time, mine held a condom, toothbrush and paracetomol tablets for a daily hangover cure but these days it is more likely to contain a sainsburys receipt for the weekly shop and ibubrofen for my sciatica complaint LOL.
Anyways, I would love you to leave a comment on a secret or two from the bottom of your bag! And then you can take a look at this article (click on the title) where you will find suggestions of some things you really should have with you at all times

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