Monday, 5 January 2009

Nature or Nurture - Just who made you the person you have become?

Many people have made me the person I am today - the woman I have become. And it got me thinking about the nature/nurture debate. It's obvious that we inherit physical characteristics from our parents - but is everything in the genes? I really don't think so.
So I am asking you - who made you the person you are today? If you really had to dig deep and choose just 7 people, who do you think would be the most significant in terms of influencing you?
I don't want you to think about famous people or celebrities - that's just too, well, shallow? I mean real people who have shaped the way you think and view the world.
To get you started, take a look at my significant seven.
I chose 7 because the seven degrees of separation is often talked about. The 7 degrees of influence is an equally fascinating thought. Like a recipe - what are the 7 main ingredients to your outlook on life? and who brought them to your table?
Enjoy! xx

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