Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A piece of writing that will make you take stock - Choices

I lost my diary today guys. My diary? I used to live in a world a long time ago where it was just enough for me to know the days of the week (and which one I was on lol). Now, because of my job, I need to know the timings of my day to the nearest nano second. Not least because I have to go half way across the city to get from meeting to meeting with no travel time built in.
So I messed up. My day was like a pile of bloody dominos, clattering down on top of each other in quick succession - because without the diary, I was left with my memory. And recently, my memory appears to be sneaking off for ice cream and days laying in the sunshine somewhere far away. Infact, after today, I am thinking about firing it.
I turned up to my 12 O'clock half an hour early after spending sometime madly trying to locate my little black book. I sat and waited, had a brew and chatted away with the other people who popped in and out of the staff room. At half past 12, my appointment hadn't shown up and in a flash of guilt, my memory popped by to inform me that I was actually in the wrong bloody place. Aaaargghhh.
I crawled along in the busy lunchtime traffic, dialling (yes illegally) to inform of my late arrival and then the battery went on my phone. No parking space when I arrived at the hotel, meant that I was even later and more stressed!
My meeting lasted 11 minutes. I talked very fast indeed! And then I scurried along to my 1 0'clock (which I was now late for) and couldn't find the road it was on. I mean - who needs SatNav?
Anyway - you get the picture....
Then a weird kind of thing happened this evening - I came across this poem. I don't touch poetry as a general rule - too many memories of having to learn it by rote at school (or copy it out when I was naughty ;) lol) But this one struck a chord - so I am sharing it with you.
Four more get-ups and it's the weekend yayayayyyyyy!

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