Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Quit working and live like a millionaire

I am fed up of getting emails from total strangers or fraudsters offering to deposit ridiculous sums of money into my bank account. Lately, I am getting emails from a firm that is dealing with unclaimed inheritance telling me that I have been left nearly a million pounds by a long lost relative who lived in India. Ahemmmm. I think not. Tell me, do you honestly think that people follow up on these scammy spammy emails? One person in particular is bugging me at the moment and he goes by the somewhat ridiculous name of Mr Gatuso Bird. Mr Bird is persistent in his communication with me because he feels that he has an offer I cannot refuse.Instead of getting angry, I have gotten creative, so please click on the title and take a look at this little poem - it is dedicated to all my blog fans that share the same irritations as me on the subject!

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